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ABC Games for Kids
When it comes time to parents for their child to learn the all-important ABCs, every mom and dad ponders this important question:
What really is the best way to learn them?

Unfortunately, the ways children learn the ABCs haven't changed much at all in fifty years. For example, most parents still rely on the old familiar method, namely using letter matching flash cards. Some parents today use the slightly more interesting 3D cards, while some try using various puzzles. And, of course, some still rely on the ABC songs they learned long ago.

But when we think about babies and toddlers today, the most striking difference in the world they are growing up in compared to the one we did is today's wide availability of amazing digital content. Little ones today inhabit a world of YouTube videos, online web games, and smartphone and iPad games. A world awash in mobile applications.

Over 10,000 games
for Kids in App Store

Thousands of developers
What To Choose?
The amount of content on every platform, whether it's Google Play or the App Store, is overwhelming. But when it comes
to ABC games, is any one better than another? And if so, how can a busy parent even begin to determine that?

Let's take a look at some typical traits of mobile ABC learning games
Most of these games are based on the concept of flash cards, the well-known technique which has simply been moved from offline to online.
As a rule, the objects and words are simple and most likely already known to the toddler: apple, good, bad, happy, sad, dog, etc. Once again, the familiar is the rule.
The art is simple, the images are flat, and bright primary colors dominate.
Free games, while popular, feature uninspired art, and offer predictable, often tedious execution. In other words, they are boring.

Let's take a moment and think this over

The Important Question

First, why do we choose the same games for iPads and phones if playing them offline would be better for a child?

Playing with the printed flashcards develops motor skills, and 3D cards provide a new experience. Wouldn't it make sense to play other types of games on devices?

Second, why do we persist in putting children in an oversimplified environment, filled with the drab and familiar?

Objects in real life are dramatically different, and this is exactly what is so wonderful about them. It's also why babies and toddlers are naturally drawn to them.

Third, why do we repeatedly underestimate the skills of our children?

When brain science tells us that our children are far more perceptive, far more intelligent, than we could ever imagine?

You mean...?
Have you ever been surprised by your child trying to play a popular game like Angry Birds or another top-selling digital game created for adults?

It's not because you child wants to kill birds, but rather because they are enchanted by the vividness of these games, their vibrant colors and their eye-popping graphics.
The Vital Importance of the Early Years

Sandra Aamodt, PhD, the coauthor of the book Welcome to Your Child's Brain: How the Mind Grows from Conception to College
and the former editor in chief of Nature Neuroscience, along with researchers from the renowned childhood development program
at Harvard University, affirm that

Child development—particularly from birth to five years—is a foundation for a prosperous and sustainable society.

" The basic architecture of the brain is constructed through an ongoing process that begins before birth and continues into adulthood.
Early experiences affect the quality of that architecture by establishing either a sturdy or a fragile foundation for all of the learning,
health and behavior that follow. In the first few years of life, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second.

After this period of rapid proliferation, connections are reduced through a process called pruning,
so that brain circuits become more efficient."

Center of Developing Child, Harvard University
The emotional and physical health, social skills, and cognitive-linguistic capacities that emerge in the early years are all important prerequisites for success in school and later in the workplace and community

Center of Developing Child, Harvard University

More than one million new neural connections are formed every second
Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands
Can you even begin to imagine one million new neural connections per second? That's stunning.
Science is telling us that our children are learning at the speed of light!

This is why what children see, hear, touch, feel and experience in the early years is so important.
This is the scientific discovery that inspired the breakthrough game, Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands.

An enchanting interactive fairy tale that offers babies and toddlers stunning graphics and heartbreakingly beautiful orchestral soundtracks.
It's both a fairy tale and a game, a journey steeped in innocent wonder.

Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands is a totally new gaming experience for your child, brilliantly executed and with a brain-based curriculum.
Gone is the ABC learning based merely on the rote memorization of letters.

Welcome to the multisensory, magical world of Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands learning.

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The Zebrainy ABC Curriculum
Teaching ABCs
The Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands app teaches all twenty-six letters of the English alphabet, carefully explaining what they are for and how they are used. For every letter we have created a wonderland with objects that begin with this letter.

For example, in B World the adventure begins on a bridge. Moments later, your child, wide-eyed with wonder, will interact playfully with a bed, a bat, a bull, a ball, and a toy bear.
ABC memorization technique
The game is scientifically designed to ensure quick letter memorization. First the player constructs the letter from the blue shiny balls. When complete, the letter opens the door to the magical letter world. Here the player sees the letter in a new way.

On level A, the letter looks like a tree; on level B it's made from rocks; on level C, it's a castle; and on level D, you can see its shape in the dragon's statue. In every world the letter looks uniquely different.

When the child recognizes the letter that they have just constructed from the blue shining balls, the magic of remembering happens.
Developing artistic and musical taste
Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands was also designed to develop artistic and musical taste.

Over 300 graphical artists competed to be on the Zebrainy team, with three chosen to work on this project.

Forty voice actors auditioned for a handful of roles, and the result is a unforgettable narration. Over two dozen orchestral tracks were carefully chosen for each wonderland.

Why did we demand such excellence in the game's artistic creation? Because we believe that the experiences children get in the early years shape their tastes and preferences as they grow into adults. As the branch is bent, so grows the tree.
Widening the mind of a child
Our Zebrainy game widens the mind of a child. Each level features both well-known objects and objects that will spark new ideas and understanding. For example, in the D level there is a doll and a diagram. On M there is mask and microscope.

Interacting with an object, the child sees the floating name and hears the description. Ideally, there is a parent next to a child who explains more about the object or who creates a whole new story around it.

For example, a parent might thrill their child by telling a story about the alligator, and what he is doing in a forest.
Developing attention to details
Modern science has shown that intelligent gaming improves a child's attention span and helps develop their logical thinking. In Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands, each level consists of main and auxiliary objects. Helpful butterflies point to the main objects so the child is never lost.

Auxiliary objects have to be discovered. By finding them without anyone's help, the child feels deep pride and is rewarded with an entertaining animation of the object they have just found.
Introducing child to philosohpy
Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands also introduces players to fascinating philosophical and scientific dilemmas. They may not totally understand them yet, but their remarkable mind effortlessly memorizes them. H

ere and there in the text you will hear the narrator speaking about friendship, about new knowledge, about teamwork, and about the wisdom of generations. The narrator also teaches the child about awe-inspiring space, planets, and electricity.
The importance of making choices
Finally, and most importantly, Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands teaches children the importance of making good choices.

The game's plot centers on two brothers who traveled through the magical worlds to create fairy tales. Unfortunately, one of them got lost, and the game's hero sets out to look for her brother in the letter wonderlands. They finally meet at Z level, but they cannot leave together.

First Zebra has to create a plan to save her brother and come back for him later.
Created by a Parent
It's important to note that Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands was not created by someone from Mars or by a team of out of touch scientists.
It was developed by me, a father of two kids, for my younger son who had a hard time learning the alphabet with flashcards.

Initially I thought that something like a fairy tale would be much more exciting for my child, and then I decided to go deeper.
I devoted three years of my life to learning neuroscience and the research on children development and education.
It took two more years to develop the game. But I believe all the effort was worth it.

Just like everything else that is done with love, heart and passion, the game turned out better than I could have ever imagined.
It's a world where children are safe to wander and learn, having fun as they learn the essential ABCs.

I am proud to say that this game received a prestigious Best of 2016 Apple award just five days after its launch
in December 2016, recognized as a truly remarkable game for children.

Zebrainy Official Trailer
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Teacher, father & grandpa speaks
" She loves your song and game. Whenever she spotted my iPad, she insisted on sitting on my lap, scrolling like crazy, then tapping feverishly when she spotted Zebra, opening the app. So funny. And I was struck by how quickly she grasped the game's intent."

"For what it's worth, as a former curriculum director I have studied game theory and believe in its power to teach."

Steve Stromme
Communications Specialist / Work-Based Learning Coordinator. A father of 3 sons and Stella's grandpa

Game Plot
Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands features the story of brave Zebra who travels through letter worlds to find her brother.

Bravely, with the love of her brother spurring her on, she moves from wonderland to wonderland, discovering new objects and
learning more about letters, words and worlds. She will find her brother in Z wonderland, but she can't leave with him,
because letter Z needs a companion starting with Z and there're no one in the Z world except for Zebra's brother.

Thankfully loyal Robot and friendly butterflies help Zebra while she travels between the worlds, at the same time guiding
the young player in a gameplay, making him feel safe and secure.

There are ten wisdom books that Robot will pick-up from wonderlands. These are Leonardo da Vinci fables, with the last one
containing the answer to how to save her beloved twin brother. That's why it's so important for you and your child to get
all of them while playing the game. As the game teaches the importance of perseverance in getting the letters,
you have to visit wonderlands twice to gather all the books.

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As a parent, it's up to you to decide what games your child should play and will play. You may not trust game developers,
child psychologists, or neuroscientists, but you should trust your instincts, informed by the deep love you have for your child.

If you think that getting Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands for your child is a smart decision, good. I believe in my game and humbly ask you, and your child, to give it a try. I will be happy to hear from you about your experience.

Sincerely yours,

kesha [at]
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And I have a special bonus for the youngest ones, the Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands lullaby!
An interactive tale that teaches the alphabet
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