Zebrainy is a unique educational game for mobile platforms, made for teaching children
the letters of the alphabet. At its core lies a science-based approach to education, as well
as Leonardo da Vinci's fables and a beautiful orchestral soundtrack.

The Big Adventure

26 Letters — 26 Levels of adventure
A science-based
approach to education

A unique method of teaching and learning letters, "NeuroBC", was developed specifically for the game, based on the latest research in the field of child development and psychology. The child learns the way each letter looks on a constructor level:
Once the letter is assembled, the player moves forward into a fairytale world. There he meets its inhabitants and objects, whose name contains the letter. His travels through the world follow the principles of a quest:
The player's goal is to get to the next world with the help of a teleport, which is always located on top of the letter. The "NeuroBC" learning algorithm lets children learn the alphabet independently from the age of 3.

A fascinating world

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Not only letters
Zebrainy also teaches children to feel responsible, for their own actions as well as for
the world around them. It helps the development of their character and makes them understand
the importance of close family relationships. It helps them to be at peace with themselves,
and develop a personal sense of taste.

Some of the information is meant for the parents as well.
Its goal is to develop closer relationships within the family.
Orchestral soundtrack

More than 30 tracks specially composed for the game
by Paul Mottram, giving every level a unique atmosphere.
Leonardo's Wisdom

Travelling across the worlds of the game, the child collects fables, written by the great inventor. Through them, he receives pieces of Leonardo's eternal wisdom.
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The game development process was based on the TIPS method (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). This helped the developers implement a wide variety of functions, while keeping
the overall simplicity of the game. Each aspect of it is grounded in scientific methodology,
so it comes as no surprise that the total amount of text in the design documents
is larger than an average fiction novel.
Simple can be harder than complex.
Steve Jobs
The future
The creators of Zebrainy see in the future a great number of games for children, the quality of which would rival games for a more adult audience. They see the staggering development potential of an educational games market that uses the newest technologies. Most of all, they see games for children that treat their players with all the respect that they deserve.
An interactive tale that teaches the alphabet
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